My fees are not worked out on an hourly rate. Instead they are calculated on the usage/licence required by the client. So a cartoon used in a nationwide 48 sheet poster campaign for 6 months will cost more than a cartoon commissioned for a single use in a magazine.

A licence is advantageous both to the client - the client only pays for the specific usage(s) required - and to me - I retain control of my copyright and second rights. In the first instance the client and myself negotiate a mutually agreeable licence for the required cartoon(s).

Next I fax or email the client a draft of my Job Acceptance Form (see below) to clarify the nature of our agreement. If the client is happy with the details of the draft Job Acceptance Form, I then start working on the pencil roughs. If the client is unhappy with any of the details in the draft Job Acceptance Form, I redraft the form until both the client and myself are satisfied with it.

On approval of pencil roughs, I proceed to final artwork. The final artwork is digital and can be emailed or sent to the client on disk.

Click below to view a copy of my Job Acceptance Form

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